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Unique Lodging

The Bunk House is complete with WiFi and Dish Network. TV in each room and one TV’s in Country barn.

Each room is uniquely decorated according to it's theme.

"Every time I turned around, I saw something interesting. I choose ​this place every time I am in the area. I have stayed in every room."

Dry Tent Camping: $14 - have use to the bathrooms and laundry room

Country Barn: $125

Per Room: $86 plus tax.

We have 5 rooms.

Our “On the Trail” room has 1 king and 1 full, complete with a rustic sitting area.

The “Dust Bowl” room includes two full beds and a twin, complete with an antique sitting area.

The “Summer Moon” room is complete with one queen bed NO sitting area

The “Nature Quest” room is loaded with 6 twin beds and 1 full NO sitting area.

The "Country Elegance" is complete with one king bed and one twin bed complete with a quaint little sitting area.

Kitchen and Lounge area are complete with couch, table, coffee maker, water, snacks, fridge, microwave, gift area, dishes and cookware. 

Bathrooms: Community Bathrooms are located in the middle of all of the rooms entered from the outside like the rooms. Two toilets and two showers that can be locked or full bathroom can be locked. Extra bathroom that includes toilet and shower and is wheelchair accessible is located inside the Country Barn. You are welcome to use this facility if the barn is not rented to a private party. 

Please do up your dishes and put up for the next guests.

Country Barn and full facility for your personal group: $550 per day/night plus taxes. Facilities are complete with Country Barn, outside sitting areas, relaxing pond (no fishing or swimming), Outdoor wedding area, rooms, unique playground perfect for the kiddos, small kitchen, outdoor propane fire pit, outdoor propane grill, propane Blackstone,  laundry room, lounge and more. We have long plastic tables and chairs, lots of wooden benches, and plastic round tables, lots of unique decorations that can be used for your event.  The Country Barn has one TV.   The Bunk House is perfect for your church group, hunting group (no hunts are organized by the Bunk House but house hunters that are hunting with others in our area), birthday parties, weddings, family reunion or any special group of your choice also great for individuals, small families, travelers, TAT riders, stargazers, couples that just wish to rent a room not in need of full facilities.

When renting full facilities for large events: Facilities must be cleaned up and left the way you found it excluding laundry. A clean up package can be purchased for an additional $250.00 and all of these things will be done for you. If you choose to leave without cleaning up or purchasing a clean-up package, you will be charged $500.00. Dumpster is located behind kitchen.

Any un-accidental or excessive damages will be charged in any rental/event situation and vandalism charges will be filed.

The Great Plains Bunk House LLC is perfect for large events and individual stays no matter the occasion. TAT trail riders, event stays, or if you find yourself working in the area and rather a more private, country setting.

ALL reservations are made with 25% non-re-undable down payment with remainder due upon arrival or before arrival.

Please call 806-339-1359 to make reservations. 


Ideas on what I should pack for my Bunk House trip:

A bath robe and house shoes.  Maybe your favorite pillow. Personal items and toiletries (beds are already made up so no need to bring bedding. Towels are also supplied.).  A jacket.  Often, even if it is warm during the day, it cools off in the evenings here on the plains. Food and snacks. If you have a large group, paper plates, cups and forks might be a good idea to cut out on time washing up. Some games and cards are here but maybe special games would be good to pack up. 

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