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Owner/operator: Parker Lee & LuShane Maness and managed by Lindsey Maness-Cortese.

We are a family that works together. 

Often, you enter the Bunk House as a stranger and leave as a friend.

We love the Bunk House because we love the people. 

The Great Plains Bunk House is a non-Host lodging and event center.

Beautiful sunsets and bright starry skies, no man’s land offers the perfect quiet getaway to help replenish the mind and restore the soul!

Contact us by phone at 806-339-1359

or by email at


We are honored to have this opportunity to refurbish a little bit of our history and we are blessed to be able to share it with you.


Get away from the crowds and the noise and make the panhandle of Oklahoma a part of who you are!


The Great Plains Bunk House LLC gives you the comfort and amenities of a Bed and Bath with central heat and air conditioning in all bedrooms, dish network in all rooms and in the country barn, authentic decorating, country manicured facilities, and a peaceful country setting. 

Make your getaway or event perfect for YOU!

Click on the tab "services and prices" to see everything we offer.

Be sure to give us a call if you have any questions. We would love to hear from you!

The Great Plains Bunk House LLC is family owned and operated.

Get lost on a dirt road and find yourself.


History of The Bunk House

Broomcorn Johnny to hog house, to a Unique Lodging and Event Center

The history The Bunk House

During the 1920-1940s broomcorn was one of the most popular crops in Cimarron County, OK. Farmers hired migrant workers to pull the broomcorn. The migrant workers needed a place to stay and being so far from town, some farmers built housing for them to stay in during their working season. These homes became known as Broomcorn Johnny’s, Broomcorn shacks, along with many other names. Most did not stand the test of time. But others such as these built by my Grandpa Parker Maness and Dwight Phillips now known as The Bunk House were made of cement and still stand today. 

After the broomcorn period moved out, my granddad (Lindsey's granddad, Parker's Dad)  used the homes for various other things and then they set for a long period of time. My father, uncles and cousins then used them as hog houses. After that, my father, Parker Lee Maness, my mother, brother and myself used them to doctor cattle with ozone therapy. They then set again for many years. In 2010 we bought the home and some of the property that my father grew up on including these cement buildings. We remodeled the homestead first and organized the property. After some thought, we decided it would be great to restore a part of our family and this county’s history therefore in September 2013 we decided to begin the cleanup and restoration process of the broomcorn houses. Ten months later in July 2014 it became known as The Bunk House (LJ’s Bunk House LLC) Lodging and Event Center.

While visiting The Bunk House during July-first freeze, you will see broomcorn growing in various locations around the property. While almost impossible to find in the United States, some communities such as the Amish still use it to make brooms and decorative wreaths. We are excited to be able to share this rare crop with our guest. It once was a huge part of many counties spreading across most Great Plains states. Many Counties claimed to be the “Broomcorn capital of the world”. Cimarron County produced a very large amount of broomcorn and though most have heard stories most of our generation have never seen the crop or know the significance it had on our county and community during it’s time.

We love being able to share this with others. We have met people from all around the world and it is such a blessing to us. 

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